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Recs: Het Fics Where Women Lead

I enjoy fics (fandom or original) that involve relationships with power dynamics, in which a woman has power (voluntary or involuntary) over a man. I am not interested in stories about a leather-clad, stiletto-heeled dominatrix who satisfies a man's every submissive kink. You can easily find that elsewhere.

The recs are sorted first by category: Matriarchy, Established Power Roles, or Submission, and then alphabetically by fandom (or "Original"). If a fic fits in multiple categories, it is placed in the first category that fits (e.g. a fic set in a matriarchy with slavery would be placed in the "Matriarchy" section). Most of the fics are complete. If I list a WIP, "WIP" is stated, and it's because I think enough was written to be worth reading, though it may still leave you unsatisfied.

I warn for: consent, slavery, and underage. For more detailed warnings, please check the warnings on the fic page. For the subsections under "Established Power Roles", the name of the subsection (e.g. "Slavery") is a blanket warning for that subsection. For the "Slavery" and "Capture" subsections, I issued blanket warnings for somewhat dubious consent (I still specifically warn for non-consent).
The rating that the author gave to the fic is next to the fic name. Both the G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17 and the K/K+/T/M/MA rating systems are used, as well as individualized ratings given by the author in some cases.

I continually add to this rec list as I discover new fics. If you know of another good fic with a woman-led het relationship that isn't on this list, please message me! I can't promise that I'll add it to the list (because this is a personal rec list), but I'll be very happy to be introduced to the fic.

Recently Added (Ctrl+F the title in the rec list for warnings, rating, and pairing)
Marvel Universe: The Weather's Nice In Stockholm by sabinelagrande | Marvel Universe: Pretty Cool by sabinelagrande | Vikings: all that remains by Nyxierose | Marvel Universe: The same deep water as you by victoria_p | Marvel Universe: hope you don't mind by isawet | Homestuck: Dear Penthiive by Hinata_Yamimoto


The Books of the Raksura
Azure's Consort by LilTheHunger - T - Azure/Stone
A look into the past of our favorite badass grandpa, and the woman who made him what he is.

Celebration by LilTheHunger - M - Jade/Moon
After the events of The Siren Depths, Jade is in a mood. Fortunately she's got a moody consort to help her out.

Mother's Day by LilTheHunger - T - Pearl/Bitter
"What are you afraid of?" Moon demands. Pain, she thinks.

Possession Instinct by LilTheHunger - M - Jade/Moon
The first book again through Jade's eyes. It's a queen's instinct to possess, and Moon is everything Jade wants in a consort.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Wish Upon a Cheating Boy by litgal - T - Cordelia/Xander
Xander kissed Willow, Cordelia is humiliated, and Anya shows up right on cue. But when Cordelia makes a different wish... a wish that men weren't in control... a whole new universe is born. Femdom!

Ariana's Scandal by Elizabeth - Adult [Abandoned WIP]
Warnings: Dubious consent given the nature of the matriarchy
Excerpt: "Ariana is a special case, a special disorderly case. Scandal didn't visit the Province very often, but Ariana had her way. It will take me a few parts to get to the scandal, but when it comes, my. Ariana was one of the smartest and most beautiful women of her time, a direct descendant in the line of the Queen."

A Different Sort of Beauty by me_ya_ri - NC-17
Warnings: Slavery
A new slave finds out just what his Mistress purchased him for.

Fitting In by me_ya_ri - NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, dubious consent
A (mostly) virginal young man goes on a trip to a new country where he’s forced to have sex with slaves for ritual purposes. Rather to his surprise, he finds he likes it.

Saving the Dana by me_ya_ri - R
When Anwyn abandoned her family and went to the Ladies, she put her family in a very bad place; Queen Siobhan of Aingeal has been working to eradicate everyone who has any ties to the Ladies. Anwyn's older sister Gwen has to make some hard and fast decisions to save her family from the threats that could destroy them all.

To Serve a Queen by tielan - 17+ - Elizabeth/Ronan
Warnings: Slavery
(Stargate Atlantis characters in the Black Jewels universe) When Ronan is bought by Elizabeth Weir, the Queen of Atlantis territory, he must adjust to a new life - a life that promises honour and service - and love - he never dreamed of.

Established Power Roles
In these fics, the relationship's power dynamics are not entirely voluntary, but are reinforced by external factors (for example, boss/employee or owner/slave). Each subsection's name (e.g. "Slavery") is a blanket warning for that subsection.
Subsections: Work/Social Hierarchy | Consort | Slavery | Prostitution | Capture | Rescue

Work/Social Hierarchy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The First Time by Liz - NC-17 - Buffy/Giles
It drives Buffy crazy when she can't catch a furry demon that eludes her for months.

Earning his stripes by Nary - MA - Fredericia/César
Fredericia made some quick calculations. It was three in the morning; he was seven years her junior; it had been two years since her last good fuck.

Final Fantasy
Psyche by palantine - M - Lightning/Hope
Warnings: Underage
A casual gift becomes more.

Thank You for the Venom by callunavulgari - MA - Lightning/Hope
Warnings: Underage
Lightning doesn't really know what she'd been expecting. She'd been careless- had paid too much attention to the sun in the sky and the growing shadows against the dirt, not enough to the brambles and shrubbery they were trudging through.

Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Sugar and Spice by Lys ap Adin - MA - fem!Xanxus/Squalo
Xanxus is the Ninth's (adopted) daughter and Squalo is her devoted right hand. Genderswap, kink, D/s games, and bondage, plus politics.

Burnt Bridges by Esum Amla - T - Hinata & Neji (gen)
Hyugacentric Neji attempts a reconciliation with Hinata. Things go downhill from there. Rated for strong language.

Tallowe by Lady_of_Rohan - M - Katherine/Talbot
An ongoing collection of stories centering around my favorite Uncharted characters, Talbot and Katherine Marlowe, who also happen to be my OTP.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Blood Bound by DreamsofSpike - R - Buffy/Spike
Warnings: Non-consensual, physical abuse
Early Season Four, immediately after Spike is chipped, Giles finds an ancient ritual that could solve their problem of what to do with the not-so-harmless vampire...but Buffy ends up getting a bit more than she bargained for in the process.

Harry Potter
Memoirs of HJG, November 20— by Musyc - MA - Hermione/Draco/others
One entry from the memoirs of HJG. D— owes an apology.

Marvel Universe
A Courtship by nev_longbottom - M - Sif/Loki
Loki thinks Sif is going to kill him. Sif thinks Loki understands what she's doing. Thor doesn't get it.

Abide by sabinelagrande - MA - Mystique/Erik/Charles
(BDSM AU) Tops, subs, mutations, and living with same.

Cloud Hands by Branch - G - Hinata/Neji
Hinata has long been inspired by Naruto, and watching his determination helps her find her own. Seeking a way to help her clan and herself, she turns to Hyuuga's history and finds old strength and new thoughts there, courage and hope. In the end, she even finds her way back to an older love.
Iron Under Water by Branch - G - Hinata/Neji
Shamelessly anachronistic clubbing fic. Neji and Hinata out dancing. Or sparring. It's a little hard to tell which. Set just after the end of "Cloud Hands" but can stand alone.
Old Wine by Branch - G - Hinata/Neji
A snapshot of Neji's reaction to any disrespect for Hinata among the Hyuuga. Unrepentant clan-kink with D/s undertones. Set after "Cloud Hands", when Neji and Hinata are, perhaps, in their twenties.

After the Consorting by jessara40k - NC-17
Warnings: Slavery (minor)
After signing their consorting contract Terese and Kim spend a night at a hotel to consummate it undisturbed. Terese discovers some unnerving information about Kim's background and assumptions.
Self-Revelation by jessara40k - R
Warnings: Slavery
A fairly normal evening brings up two issues Terese neglected to consider.

Pirates of the Caribbean
All Points of the Compass by Aris Merquoni - MA - Elizabeth/James/Will
A Directed'verse story. Commodore Norrington sets off in search of a pirate, and learns a few things about love, loss, command, being commanded, and compromising in a variety of situations. Set just post-CotBP in the bondage-and-discipline universe next door.
Close Inspection by Aris Merquoni - T - Elizabeth/James
BDSM AU. Elizabeth gives her commodore an impromptu inspection.

Star Trek
Kept by Leyenn - G - Deanna/William
The Enterprise is en route to Earth for the Biannual Federation Conference, carrying Ambassador Deanna Troi, Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed, and her Human consort.

Blanket warning for somewhat dubious consent in this subsection.

A Fine Line by alyse - MA - Danica/King
Warnings: Non-consensual
When Danica is bored, she looks for more interesting things to do. Like King, for example.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Belonging by DreamsofSpike - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Buffy is trapped in an unhappy marriage to a man who doesn't seem to want her, trapped in a world that doesn't seem to need her anymore...can an old ally and enemy, sold into her home as a slave, teach her the meaning of freedom?

DC Universe
Babysitter of Themyscira by maculategiraffe - R - Cassie/Ian
Alternate universe. When Diana, still acting as Wonder Woman, brings back a homeless waif to Cassie's adopted home, Cassie is furious, until drastic action by Queen Hippolyta forces her into a closer understanding of her visitor's demons.

Jewels Of The Goddess II: Sweet As Wine by bradygirl_12 - R - Diana/Steve
Diana enjoys some private time with her beloved slave.

Thoughts Colored Ugly by litgal - Adult - River/Jayne
Ugly thoughts first bring River to Jayne's door and then drive Jayne to leave Serenity rather than face his own fears and needs. But when Mal and River come riding to the rescue after Jayne goes and does something stupid (again), he's faced with a River who is not willing to let him go out there and get hurt.

Harry Potter
"Door Number Two" in When A Door Opens by Musyc - T - Hermione/Draco
Excerpt: "This one met her eyes without cringing or flinching away, but he didn't smile or pose for her either."

Source of Bliss by blissed_bess - NC-17 - Hermione/Draco
Hermione masters her slave.

The Law of Desire by TeaRoses - T - Integra/Alucard
May be a bit OOC and mushy but I tried. Titled after a Pedro Almodovar film. My first Hellsing fic.

The Right Thing by DuchessRaven - K+ - Integra/Alucard
Sometimes, all she needs to keep going is a little reassurance.

Tribute by threewalls - T - Integra/Alucard
"Are they as you desired?"

Yesterday's Secrets by DuchessRaven - T - Integra/Alucard
When a spell goes awry, reverting Integra's mind to that of a child, Alucard finds himself playing Daddy, literally, and discovers a few secrets about his master along the way.

Impeccable by forthright - T - Kagome/Sesshomaru
AU. Kagome is stunned to learn that she has inherited a sizable fortune, a Japanese estate, and an indentured youkai. She's the unlikely heiress, and Sesshoumaru is the perfect butler.

James Bond
Purchase by drelfina - T - M/Q
He was a lovely, lovely purchase.

Marvel Universe
The Weather's Nice In Stockholm by sabinelagrande - MA - Pepper/Tony
Pepper enjoys a getaway with Tony. Whether Tony enjoys it is essentially immaterial.

A Lot Like Life by lady_ragnell - M - Morgana/Merlin
During treaty negotiations, the High Priestesses give Morgana an unorthodox gift, and he is more than he appears at first glance.

all that remains by Nyxierose - T - Lagertha/Athelstan
The chance to start over is a dangerous thing - but what if there is still beauty and goodness left in the world? A series of drabbles set in the same 'verse, starting roughly six months after the Season 1 finale.

Untitled by flighty_dreams - M
Excerpt: “If you behave like a slut, then I shall treat you as one.”

Real Person Fiction
When We Were Strangers by saintawesome - M - Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder [Abandoned WIP]
When longtime slave Ian Somerhalder is sold back to the Auction House by his callous former Master, he doesn't expect his contract to be picked up again. He never could have expected an inexperienced young heiress named Nina Dobreva to buy him. Neither of their lives will ever be the same.

The Tempest
a still hour beneath the sun by mswyrr - M - Prospera/Ariel
Do you love me, master?


DC Universe
Long Shadows by thankyouturtle - MA - Barbara/Dick
Babs is a hard-working cop with needs and - for the right price - Dick is just the man to fulfill them.

Doctor Who
Ever the Mystery by Queen of the Castle - M - Rose/Ninth Doctor
There's something different about his newest client.

Blanket warning for somewhat dubious consent in this subsection.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Vampires Will Never Hurt You by callunavulgari - M - Toph/Zuko
No one in this city escapes the wrath of Toph Bei Fong.

DC Universe
The Wrong World by mithen - PG - Diana/Steve
The Queen of the Amazons visits her prisoner before going to war.

The Life Of The World To Come by emilyenrose - M - Her Condesce/The Ψiioniic, Feferi/Sollux
Warnings: Physical abuse
"Good evening, Helmsman," she says. Her accent exaggerates the eee sound of evening. Then she hurts him.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Of Using and Being Used by icarus_chained - M - Anamaria/James
Warnings: Non-consensual, historical slavery (minor)
Goes AU from the start of Dead Man's Chest. Anamaria finds James in Tortuga. She takes him, and she doesn't mean to let him go.

A Song of Ice and Fire
all that's left is you and me and the ruined world by youremyqueen - T - Sansa/Theon
She is the Queen in the North, flowing and strong and proud, and he is a mess on the floor, thin and bone-sharp and ragged.

Star Trek
The Ransom by ninhursag - M - Gaila/Kirk
Pirate!Gaila kidnaps teenage!Kirk for ransom. Hijinks ensue.


Harry Potter
Coffee and Cake by Musyc - G - Hermione/Draco
Draco is at a loss in Muggle London. Hermione buys him a coffee, for starters.

Howl's Moving Castle
Dealing With Dragons by Flamebyrd - G - Sophie/Howl
In which a dragon kidnaps Howl, and Sophie talks to a lot of inanimate objects. Oh, and the dragon.

Ice and Lightning by Kimsa Ki-Lurria - K+ - Ariadne/Robert (or gen)
Warnings: Consideration of suicide
When Robert Fischer hits rock bottom, a mysterious architect from his dreams is there to save him before he takes the plunge. "Let me ask you something, Robert. Do you know what it feels like to jump to your death?"

Sons of Anarchy
The Kindness of Strangers by Tanaqui - T - Lyla/Opie
Sometimes, all it takes is the right kind of help.

Star Trek
Another Boy, Another Planet by ninhursag - M - Uhura/Kirk
Warnings: Slavery (mostly past), past non-consensual
In which Kirk was captured by Nero as an infant and raised as his slave. Twenty-five years later, talented young Star Fleet command cadet Nyota Uhura takes command of the Enterprise when her first officer is emotionally compromised and saves the day. And the boy.

Wake Me Up by ninhursag - MA - Uhura & Kirk, Uhura/Spock
Warnings: Prostitution, past non-consensual, past underage
So it's an au where Uhura is a sex crimes detective, Gaila is a rookie in her unit and Nero's the guy she wants to take down. Which puts her right in the path of one underaged hooker by the name of Jim Kirk.

In these fics, a man voluntarily surrenders power to a woman. The surrender may be emotional and/or sexual, and may be temporary; their relationship may otherwise be equal.

Angel Sanctuary
Homecoming by Branch - G - Alexiel/Lucifer
Alexiel finally returns, to the interest of all and apprehension of some--particularly Lucifer.

Babylon 5
All The Best Things, Come From Russia by icarus_chained - G - Susan/Pavel
(crossover with Star Trek) Pavel tries his luck, despite the terrible handicap of looking like one of the lady's worst enemies. Because Pavel would.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Are We Friends? by Slaymesoftly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Buffy catches Spike in a compromising position. Followed immediately by its much longer and plottier sequel “Just a Summer Romance.”
Just a Summer Romance by Slaymesoftly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Continues immediately following the ending of “Are We Friends” – what will happen to the relationship now? And isn’t Riley due back soon…?

Awakenings by dreamweaver - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
What if Buffy came back angry instead of incapable of feelings when she was resurrected?

Baby, You Can Drive My Car by Slaymesoftly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Continues almost immediately after the events of “The Way a Vamp Loves His Car”, in which Spike had found a morose Buffy drinking at the Bronze. He brought a very drunk Slayer home and put her to bed in spite of her having accused him of loving his car more than he loves her. The evening ended with her quiet acknowledgement that she knows he loves her.

The Butterfly Effect by cousinjean - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Five months after the events of "Chosen," a still grieving Buffy must follow a time-travelling demon back to 1997 (circa Season 2) Sunnydale to prevent him from destroying the timeline--and try not to destroy it herself in the process.

Carapace by brutti_ma_buoni - R - Buffy/Spike
Excerpt: "You know this coat totally makes your image?"

Change Partners and Dance by dreamweaver - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
What if when Buffy first arrived in Sunnydale, instead of a souled Angel meaning to help her, she was faced with a soulless Spike, looking to cause trouble and kill his third Slayer?

Changing Course by just_sue - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
AU during Dead Things. Instead of turning away from Spike's crypt that night, Buffy throws caution to the wind and enters, allowing him to make her feel and stepping onto a new path into the future.

Collide by Enigmaticblue - PG-15 - Buffy/Spike
What if that house-demolishing in Smashed was a metaphor with a different meaning than the writers gave it? What if that night marked a release of a different sort? Goes seriously AU immediately after Smashed.

Come Undone by Lady Wenham - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Buffy makes a careless and unexpected move, resulting in Spike's survival of the events of Chosen.

Dear John by Slaymesoftly - PG - Buffy/Spike
A chance meeting turns into a long-overdue conversation between Spike and Buffy.

Dimming of the Day by Enigmaticblue - PG-13 - Buffy/Spike
Set sometime after Tabula Rasa. With Giles’ departure, and her growing attraction to Spike, Buffy can’t resist the offer of answers to her questions, but will the answers be what she expects?

Double Spiked by Kantayra - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
When the nerdy trio delves into time travel, Buffy is faced with two Spikes at once. Will she be able to resist?

Every Night by Enigmaticblue - PG-13 - Buffy/Spike
Every night she saves him.

Giving You Me by DreamsofSpike and tamakin_arts - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
It's Christmas, Season Six, and Buffy's not having a good holiday. Can Spike make it better for her? What's more...will she let him?

Happiness Revisited by Julbie - PG-13 - Buffy/Spike
Takes place immediately after "Hell's Bells" Season Six.

Hers by gryfndor_godess - PG-13 - Buffy/Spike
S9 fic inspired by the preview pages for #1, "Freefall," which showed Spike arriving, invited, to a party at Buffy's new apartment. Buffy was flirty with him, and it made my shipper heart quiver in delight.

His Way by dreamweaver - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
After 'Not Fade Away' Spike finds himself resurrected yet again and sent back in time by the PTB to fix things for Buffy.

Home Is Where They Have To Take You In by Slaymesoftly - T - Buffy/Spike
AU (not comics compliant) future in which Buffy has moved on after mourning her two lost vampires and has bought a home in London. And then she finds a strangely harmless and badly injured vampire hiding in her garden shed. When he saves Dawn from harm, Buffy takes him in and tries to help him heal both his body and his mind.

I Would Die For You by Slaymesoftly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
The sequel to the Bodyguard. Major Riley/Maggie bashing, possible character death. Spike and Buffy have to deal with the UST they built up in the previous fic and deal with Riley’s jealousy at the same time. Set in an AU Season IV where Adam isn’t an issue yet and Drac has already been and gone.

If I Hurt You, Will You Still Love Me? by Slaymesoftly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Warnings: Physical abuse
Another one of my “fix Dead Things” fics. This one may be the definitive version. It leaves them in a happier place and with some hope for the future.

If Love Is Not by Enigmaticblue - PG-13 - Buffy/Spike
A Spuffy Valentine’s Day fic, set in a kinder, gentler S6.

Imitation of a Man by darkapple - R - Buffy/Spike
Warnings: Physical abuse
The events of “Dead Things” plunge Buffy and Spike into Spike's human past in an experience that transforms their relationship. The action begins with Buffy's return to the police station alley where, minutes before, she left Spike beaten and bloody.

In His Eyes by spikesdeb - PG-13 - Buffy/Spike
Buffy and Spike are getting along just fine, so long as Buffy can use him to scratch an itch and then hightail it out of his bed. But one night Buffy sees something in his eyes, and she has to face the truth of who she is, and who Spike is, and what they are - or could become.

In Progress by gryfndor_godess - PG-13 - Buffy/Spike
Far in the future, Buffy contemplates past jealousies and why she no longer feels them.

Incursion by brutti_ma_buoni - PG-13 - Buffy/Spike
Excerpt: "So she trespasses into touch."

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear by Holly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Torn and numb after her fall from Heaven, Buffy is haunted by ghosts of her past, and confronted with the truth of her future.

Just a Little Spell by Slaymesoftly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
What if Spike and Buffy got REALLY carried away while under Willow’s spell? A long fic with one of my shmoopier endings. Original characters, Xander-bashing (funny Xander-bashing) and surprises from the Council for a claimed Slayer and her vampire.

Land of the Living by Siobhan - K - Buffy/Spike
Warnings: Recent physical abuse
Buffy does some thinking after Dead Things.

Lying Eyes by DreamsofSpike - R - Buffy/Spike
When Buffy took off for LA after sending Angel to hell, the events of Anne never took place and she stayed in LA... until she finds out that things aren't going so well at home...a new Big Bad has taken over Sunnydale, with Spike at her side...Buffy returns home to help defeat this new danger... but which side is Spike *really* on?

Misery Made Beautiful by Holly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Post Intervention. Buffy finds herself growing closer to Spike as the world around her falls to chaos.

A Nice Leather Collar by MissMishka - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Early season 6, post - All the Way, fic. Buffy buys Spike a belled collar and things happen when she goes to give it to him.

Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire by hello_spikey - M - Buffy/Spike
After getting caught out with Anya in the episode "Entropy", Spike makes a drastic ploy to heal Buffy's hurt: he proposes.

Please Don't Leave Me by Slaymesoftly - R - Buffy/Spike
During season VI, Buffy's determination to keep Spike a secret almost costs him his unlife.

Poppycock by Slaymesoftly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Warnings: Physical abuse
Another “Dead Things” fic written for an LJ community, it follows canon where it can and veers off where I need it to. A bit kinky (for me) and angsty, it has the obligatory Spuffy ending as well as a surprisingly accepting Xander.

Rough and Tumble by Holly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Goes AU during Season 6's All the Way. It’s Halloween, and Buffy is tired of lying to herself, especially in a world that has already killed her twice. She takes Spike up on his offer for patrol, embracing a celebration of the demon-dormant holiday that will forever change her life.

Show, Don't Tell by gryfndor_godess - R - Buffy/Spike
Anya wants to know why she never sees Spike’s bite marks on Buffy’s neck. Buffy wants to know why Spike never asked her to do anything of the sort.

Something New by dreamweaver - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
What if things had gone just a little differently when Spike came to Buffy for help after he was chipped? Goes seriously AU after 'Pangs'.

Still Bluer by Slaymesoftly - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Sequel to Something Bluer. Buffy’s insistence that the attraction between them was now out of their systems to the contrary, she and Spike are drawn together until they have to give up and admit they are a couple. Completely non-canon, and just enough plot to get them together.

The Sweet Spot by Rabid1st - NC-17 - Buffy/Spike
Spike and Buffy take some time to explore each other after the Dead Things' beating and the rocky reunion of OAFA. This fic started life as PWP and became something else entirely. It's all about motivation and convenience and what might have changed between Dead Things love scene and the one in As You Were. This fic is most definitely B/S but does include female slash of a slightly different bent.

Wiping the Slate Clean by ya_lublyu_tebya - R - Buffy/Spike
The reversal of the Tabula Rasa spell doesn't quite go according to plan and our favourite slayer and vampire are left memoryless. Just what difference will no memory of their past make in their relationship?

Death Note
exoticism, etc. by youremyqueen - M - Misa/L
He is not a delicate thing. (kimono!porn)

The Case of the Man Who Was Wanted by angelsaves - MA - Joan/Sherlock
In which Sherlock fantasizes about Watson even more than usual, has a few awkward conversations, and finds himself in a very pleasant situation. (Where by "pleasant," I mean "D/s-y," and by "situation," I mean "partnership.")

Final Fantasy
Breathless by Lassarina - MA - Lightning/Kain
When Kain catches up to the others at the end of the twelfth cycle, Lightning has some questions for him.

Morning Is a Long Way Down by theleaveswant - MA - Olivia/Lincoln
Olivia's eyebrows shoot up. "You washed my dishes?" Lincoln grimaces and looks down at the plate. "That's—" "Presumptuous, I know. I'm sorry."

Harry Potter
Fascination by lothy - M - Luna/Charlie
Luna Lovegood finds domination fascinating. Femdom, spanking, ficlet.

Change by laughablyunimportant - M - Roxy/Auto-Responder
AR's not exactly "into" people in the way humans mean. So what does ey mean?

Dear Penthiive by Hinata_Yamimoto - MA - Feferi/Sollux
Dear Penthiive: ii never thought thii2 would happen two me.

Rose: lead. by Laylah - G - Rose/Equius
Her own people will call her a traitor for pursuing this; they will see only the ways she betters her own situation, and not the ways that a stronger position would help her help other humans in turn.

we used to play outside when we were young by roachpatrol - MA - Terezi/Sollux
She rolls off your prostrate body, tugs your cuffs. She’s sharp as sin, tonight, slicked black from throat to heels in a Shipwright’s working clothes. “Up and at ‘em, Conscript,” she says. “We’ve got a ways to go with you yet.”

Marvel Universe
hope you don't mind by isawet - MA - Natasha/Steve
Natasha says Steve can tie her up and say whatever he wants and he tells her that's she's gorgeous and brave and kind.

Ironsides by copperbadge - MA - fem!Tony/Steve
Antonia Carter Stark takes no shit and no prisoners.

Pretty Cool by sabinelagrande - MA - Kate/Phil/Clint
Phil's sort of on loan, but that's good enough for Kate. Maybe she'll borrow Clint too.

The same deep water as you by victoria_p - MA - Natasha/Steve
"I'm certainly learning all sorts of new things about you on this mission, Steve."

A Perfect Match by OneWhoAdores - NC-17
A young woman, unlucky in love, becomes a reluctant domme, with surprising results.
A Perfect Life by OneWhoAdores - NC-17
An exploration into the evolution of the longterm D/s, femdom relationships of two couples.

Insurance by frabjous - MA - Emily/Nolan
Warnings: Dubious consent
“You of all people should be familiar with the concept, Nolan. Insurance.” And yeah, actually, he thinks he might know what she’s getting at.

C'mon, Give Me Your Love (baby, all you have) by ninhursag - M - Evelyn/Mike
Mike and Evelyn, in happier times. Mostly a pwp (happy marrieds having kinky sex), no significant spoilers.

Soul Eater
Good Night, Good Morning by chaoticlivi - MA - Maka/Soul
Morning sex.

And You're The Only One Who Knows by penknife - NC-17 - Teyla/John
John just wishes he could stop wanting things he can't have.

Star Trek
All Tongue, Baby by ninhursag - M - Uhura/Kirk/Spock
PWP. Uhura's day sucked. Spock and Jim make it better.

My Sins Belong to Me by ninhursag - M - Uhura/Kirk, Uhura/Spock
There's another world where it goes differently, but not this one.

Possession by azephirin - MA - Uhura/Kirk/Spock
You belong to us now.

Tales of Symphonia
Worth It by Laylah - MA - Alice/Decus
Decus gets up, brushing dust off as best he can, and hurries to catch up with her. "May I come with you?" he asks. She looks up at him, but doesn't stop walking. "If you do, I'm going to hurt you," she says.
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